Electric motor models

It is important to know what are the models of electric motors so that we can choose the one that is best suited for the application we need. With so many models you must know to get the final application.

The electric motor plays an important role is to transform electrical energy into mechanical energy. Due to the various sectors that require mechanical energy in order to function it is that the engine has been growing significantly in recent years. Today it is present in very varied segments such as automotive, water and even elevators.

The function of this machine is to receive energy and convert it to mechanical energy. There are many segments that need this functionality so that the engine has been growing in recent years. To meet different segments as the engine has also gained some variations. Today we have single-phase and three-phase models, the first is indicated for most basic segments for the second most complex segments. bearings with best price

Electric motor with forced ventilation from the base works more quietly

Three different types of substrates included in the electric motor. These protection models are: the forced ventilation from the base; protected against time according to the NEMA Standard II and forced ventilation from the top.

The electric motor 1185-1124 housings with ventilation from the base have several holes that thus, at all the air between the ends of the electric motor and the air exits through a single output which is the center of the electric motor background.

The advantage of this housing is the fact that the electric motor runs more quietly and is thus required less maintenance and so is occupied less space than the carcasses of Nema Type II.

The air in these carcasses must be purged even before the electric motor is forced into operation and this means that there is a small delay between receiving the starting command and also the effective start of the electric motor

Electric motor receives loads that have characteristics

The electric motor is in charges that are presented following characteristics.

These characteristics are: the current absorbed by the electric motor when starting occurs is much greater than occurs when the normal operation of the electric motor load; the power absorbed by the electric motor in operation will determine the mechanical power the electric motor shaft that is requested by the load that will be triggered and the result will be an excessive load on the electric motor power circuit if it does not have adequate protection.


The starting current three-phase electric motor of squirrel cage induction that is used in about 90% of applications presents typical values for electric motors that are two poles.

It is essential to differentiate the electric motor devices that are used in normal applications and loads that are industrial and the like.

Electric motor is powered by electric current

Understand how the electric motor powered by electric current

When the electric motor is fed by an electric current, the field coil is starting to generate the magnetic field that surrounds the winding driven by the current flowing in the electric motor. If the electric motor has a natural magnet in this field will always have one around the armature.

The brushes of graphite that make up the electric motor slide in the collector armature where there is also the circulation of electric current through the armature winding, as this causes a magnetic field is created. https://www.mrosupply.com/ac-motors/explosion-proof-motors/699523_em7059t_baldor/

The magnetic field of the field coil and comprising the electric motor create a magnetic field and magnetic field of the field coil and armature are combined in a convenient manner and time they repel each time attract and thus the armature which is supported the bearing begins to turn.

Electric motor Price

Set the price of the electric motor depends heavily on product characteristics before making a purchase is necessary to establish the type of product you need, based on this information it is possible to search values to find a company that offers the best deals.

The single-phase electric motors are those with the most affordable values, because they are more basic. Since the three-phase models have higher values, because they are products with a higher complexity. The pay as you go, much depends on the product you want.

In addition to buying in stores a new product, do not forget that you also have the option to buy an electric motor used, the price ends up being more affordable. The purchase of an electric motor used needs analysis to see if it is in perfect condition. If it is, it sure is a more viable alternative than buying a new, higher value. https://www.mrosupply.com/ac-motors/severe-duty-motors/23800_ecp2333t_baldor/

Electric motor type monophasic

Single-phase electric motor uses only one set of coils, therefore ends up being more basic and simple, but it can be in many different processes. The interesting thing is to understand what is the best type of engine for what we need. The ideal is to research before making a purchase, so do not run the risk of doing a bad choice.

Unlike this, we market another model that is also very common that is the three-phase model. He, being more complex, ends up being more used in the industry. The distribution of electricity is made more intense in that engine model. Both are used for the same purpose which is to transform electrical energy into mechanical energy.

single phase baldor

The ideal is to know which engine will meet what you need. Then make a comparison of values in different stores to make the purchase of their more economically and in view of what you need.